The wine elaboration process starts with the grape harvest, thus it is very important that the fruit gets to the winery in good condition. The first selection of grapes is done at the vineyard by choosing those fruits with the optimal level of ripeness. The transportation to the winery is done as fast as possible, using 20kg boxes, to guarantee the good conditions of the grapes.

Once at the winery, the different grape varieties are fermented separately in stainless steel vessels, at a controlled temperature of 25/26 ºC, and periodically stirred to obtain the selective extraction of the phenolic components of the skin and pulp, and to give specific characteristics to the wine such us color, tannin and aroma.

Maceration lasts fifteen days approximately. When the fermentation process is finished, the wine will rest before bottling it, in French and American oak barrels in a small aging room with a constant temperature of between 15 and 18ºC and controlled humidity.